Welcome to Ythan Riding Club! 

The membership form for the 2015-2016 season is now available. Please note the following points:

YRC Club Membership is capped & there is currently a waiting list. Those who have helped at an event in 2015 will automatically be entitled to re-join. Those who have not helped at an event will be placed on a temporary waiting list and notified if they have been successful in joining the Club no later than 1st November 2015 by the Club Secretary.

In submitting a membership form:

a. you commit to helping at a minimum of 1 event between October 2015 and Sept 2016. If open competitions are over-subscribed, entry will be given to those who help out the most.

b. you acknowledge that YRC tops must be worn by all riders taking part in Club Nights

c. you acknowledge, that in taking part in any YRC XC training or competitions you are bound to wear a back protector and skull cap adhering to current standards, a long sleeved top, appropriate footwear and a medical armband – and that failure to do so will result in you not being able to take part. You also acknowledge that the wearing of a back protector for SJ training and competition is strongly recommended.  

2015-2016 Membership Form

We would like some feedback from YOU, the members. Please take 2 mins to complete this quick survey:

Ythan Riding Club Members Survey 2016 

Upcoming Events:
Club Nights are now available until October

31st July, 21st August - Showjumping on Grass @ Fountain
Schedule - Entries on the day

Online Entries 

Online entries are now live for 2015! This year, only our competitions will be available for online entries.

(Paper Entries will still be available for anyone who doesn't want to use the online system)

We've made up a guide on how to use the entry system for anyone who hasn't used it elsewhere yet: Online Entries Guide

Note: All online entries will have a surcharge of £1 per entry form (this can be made up of multiple horse/rider combinations) which is automatically added on to your payment. This is to account for the cost of the payment service, think of it as instead of buying a stamp! 

Contact us at: ythanrc@gmail.com